About Us

The journey continues...

From a market stall to cafes and catering

5 years ago we ran a stall at local markets selling coffee. Then we moved it into a shipping container. Today we run a cafe (soon to be two) and also offer catering for functions. Growing our dream to fruition has been the most rewarding thing a family could ask for.

We are a family business with family values. We believe in being part of a community, helping others, being kind, working hard, playing hard and enjoying great food.

If this sounds like you; we invite you to join our family.

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Why Join our family?

One-on-one service

We believe in creating something special for a special event, so all our catering is fully customised to you; not just a pre-made menu. (Though we offer suggestions)

Great atmosphere

The atmosphere makes or breaks an experience. We combine an open, free environment with a friendly, fun atmosphere to ensure you'll love your time with us.

Amazing staff

Friendly, old fashioned, hand picked, hard working and personally-trained. All our staff show the highest level of professionalism without compromising courtesy.

Pet friendly

Puppycinos, homemade doggy treats and big bowls of water for those hot days! Your furry friend will love it as much as you. Other pets welcome, too; not just dogs!

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Events and updates
Cafe Kalina Happy puppy 5
Cafe Kalina Happy puppy

We care about happiness

Putting smiles on faces;
that’s what keeps us going.